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Top 5 Best Water Sports Activities in Phuket


Phuket, Thailand is an extremely popular travel destination, noted for its gorgeous, scenic beaches. It’s the country’s biggest island. Becoming an island, that offers opportunities for yourself and your traveling companions to enjoy activities and water sports. One particular activity has one day drive on a speedboat. While along the boat, you are able to also take the chance to enjoy lunch or soak up some sun. Additionally, there are opportunities that you can go scuba diving too. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in phuket.

  • White water rafting monkey cave

This program offers a full day, action packed adventure that has rafting and ziplining. Additionally, it features round trip transportation to and from the hotel of yours. You are able to likewise bring a cultural trip to the Monkey Cave at Suwan Kuha Temple. The temple has a big Buddha statue along with a plethora of monkeys. You are able to furthermore go inside the cave also. Despite the name, monkeys rarely go within the caves. After going to the temple, you’ll be rafting downriver, and zipline amongst the forests. After getting lunch, you are going to swim around the Ton Pariwat Waterfall just before proceeding back to your lodging accommodations.

  • Cruise on a speedboat around James Bond Island

Situated on Phang Nga Vay, the Bond movie was shot . As an outcome, the island of Ko Tapu is popularly known as James Bond Island. This whole day speedboat cruise includes canoeing for Hong Island, trekking away to the Ice Cream as well as Diamond caves. You are going to be ready to paddle around Hong Island’s lagoons and caves in a canoe. You’ll in addition have the chance to find out exactly where “The Man with the Golden Gun” was recorded.

  • Early riser trip to Phi Phi Island

From Phuket, you are able to travel to the gorgeous beaches and also limestone cliffs of Phi Phi Island. You are able to depart early in the early morning or even at sunrise to be able to stay away from afternoon crowds. Phi Phi Island is also popular to be the filming place of “The Beach”. You are able to also swim and snorkel within Maya Bay as well as Bamboo Island. Interact with the primates you are going to encounter at Monkey Beach

  • Scuba diving tours around Koh Phi Phi

This tour is going to provide you the chance to examine the region around Koh Phi Phi. First are you going to attend a school accredited by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). You’ll be briefed on scuba diving and pool time. After, you’ll be going onboard a classic Thai longtail boat for 2 dive periods at the Marine Park across the island. They are going to last for a single hour each and take place at locations that are different

  • Speed boat trip around Koh Rok and Koh Ha

This speed boat journey allows you to leave Phuket to see Koh Rok as well as Koh Ha. Included in this bundle is a hotel pick up and drop off. Lunch onboard is provided as well. The small group tour guarantees a private and personal experience. The speed boat permits you to visit the very best places as lots of locations are just reachable by boat.

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