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Advantages Of The Oppo A15

Oppo A15 is one of the latest gadgets released by Oppo. If you’re a tech enthusiast, you will love this smartphone. If you’re a beginner, you can simply use this gadget without any fear. The phone is available in several colors such as red, black and grey. Read on to learn more about Oppo A15 and Smartphone in general.

Camera With a built in scene enhancement mode, the OPPO A15 will allow you to take pictures of your friends, family members or even of your favorite subjects that are far off. If you want to have more than enough memory to store all your photos and videos, it’s recommended to purchase the extra memory card from the Oppo A15 with optical zoom. It has a 16 MP resolution camera with a built in OE lens. Take pictures of your friends and family with OPPO’s macro lens. You will definitely love its high optical clarity. When you are looking clear, this smartphone won’t disappoint you.

Display The display of the Oppo A15 is very bright and colorful. The fingerprint sensor is also located on the top right corner of the front glass. If you want to enter text in foreign languages, you can do so with ease. The OPPO A15 also has a big battery which should last you till the second week of using it. With a large battery, you can easily enjoy watching your videos till the early hours of morning without having to worry about the low power consumption.

Processor The Oppo A15 smartphone comes with oppo a15 an octa-core processor from Samsung called the Exynos processor. This processor is loaded with ARMv6 CPU core that is a combination of an ARM and x86 instruction sets. This helps in providing advanced processing power at a cheaper rate than other low-end smartphones. Samsung has reduced the load of its low-end processors by loading it with an octa-core processor that works with low-end devices.

RAM The Oppo A15 smartphone has 2GB of RAM which is enough to run the device comfortably. It is also available in the global and international variants for some reason. The low-end phones like the Avanti and Spiceroid have 1GB of RAM while the higher-end ones like the AT&T Oppo A15 has 3GB of RAM. For some reason, this smartphone even has an expandable memory module which further increases the memory space of the handset.

Camera The camera of the Oppo A15 has a nice one. It has features such as manual mode, image stabilization and face recognition which help in reducing the problems related to photography. This is a very attractive camera with good image quality. It has two cameras namely the front and back cameras. The battery of this smartphone also features an extending charge which further increases the battery life of the device.